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Creators who recently onboarded

Zwerg Tube
          Saudi Arabia 
Kane Hart
Scion Storm
+ 7 huge channels!
 Germany   France   United Kingdom 

Small YouTube channels convert more than big ones

3M gaming channels on YouTube
The mid-tail of YouTube

We currently focus on YouTube & YouTube Gaming to partner with new creators & MCNs.
New networks are coming soon, so stay tuned!


You can submit your paid & free games

App Store
Google Play

Choose the best offer for your needs

Offer 20 keys

to verified channels

Safely submit 20 game keys to our YouTubers with a high probability of getting featured on their channels.

Sponsor videos

of influent channels

YouTubers from targeted countries will play your game in their videos. Minimum ammount: $300.

Hire celebrities

for more visibility

With $6,000 & more, we hire top YouTubers from various MCNs for your tailored influencer campaign.

Offer game keys: How the platform works

Step 1: Sign up for free Safe & encrypted + confirm your email
Step 2: Add your video game Display some gameplay in an animated GIF + the URL to the store
Step 3: Submit 21 keys Easy & fast, 1 key by channel + you can add an embargo date
Step 4: Team review We only approve titles with 8/10 minimum or we test the game
Step 5: Creators pick games YouTubers get the keys instantly to make videos
Step 6: They publish their videos You receive an email foreach new video on YouTube

Sponsored videos: Higher performance

Step 1: Start a campaign, it's dead simple

In 2 minutes, fill a short form to set up your influencer campaign & help us understand your needs. We’ll send you a confirmation email for details.

Step 2: Goal of views & relevant YouTubers

You need to pay upfront for a number of views to reach. Then, interested YouTubers will access your game & produce their videos.

Step 3: Published videos & payments

We negociate each video with the YouTuber's agent/network. Then, we'll manage the creators' payments after they publish the video.

Step 4: Get real-time results

We send you an email for each new video driving new gamers to your game. We'll refund you the number of unreached views.

They love VGP

Engage with creators on VGP

Branded content Creators at scale Audience of millions Worldwide network Qualified leads Less risks Transparency